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Welcome to our handmade Dkhoon incense business! We are a woman owned and operated business that takes great pride in creating high-quality, natural incense.

Our journey began with a passion for creating a better, healthier incense alternative. All of our Dkhoon incense is handmade with love and attention to detail, using only the finest natural ingredients imported from the United Arab Emirates. We wanted to provide our customers with a product that not only smelled amazing, but was also good for their health and well-being. Using only the finest natural ingredients, we started experimenting with different blends and scents until we found the perfect Dkhoon combination. Pure Dkhoon incense is made using traditional methods, which involve grinding oud wood into a fine powder and then hand mixing it with natural ingredients and aromatic oils. The mixture is then marinated for four to six weeks than shaped into small circles and ready to be enjoyed.

Oud has been used for centuries in traditional perfumery it is a popular ingredient in incense and scented candles, and is often blended with other fragrances to create unique and luxurious scents. Due to the high demand for Oud, it has become increasingly rare and expensive, with some varieties fetching prices that are comparable to precious gems. Generally speaking, oud is considered to be one of the most expensive and luxurious raw materials used in perfumery and is often referred to as "liquid gold." While Pure Dkhoon incense can be more expensive than other types of incense due to the high-quality ingredients used, it is widely sought after by those who appreciate the finest fragrances and the unique properties of oud, musk, and amber.

Each of our Dkhoon incense is carefully crafted to ensure a consistent burn and aroma. We believe that the care and attention we put into every Dkhoon incense is perfect for meditation, practicing yoga, stress relieving, concentrating, getting rid of anxiety and stress, removing unwanted odors or simply creating a peaceful atmosphere in your space that fills it with a long-lasting, lingering beautiful scent transporting you to a place of relaxation and tranquility.

Thank you for supporting our Dkhoon business and allowing us to share our passion with you. We hope you enjoy our handmade Dkhoon incense as much as we enjoy making it!

What Defines Us


Our mission at Pure Dkhoon is to help people connect with the power of scent and find inner peace and balance through the use of our natural, handmade incense products. We believe in the transformative power of aromatherapy and its ability to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.


∘ Quality: Pure Dkhoon values the quality of its products, ensuring that they are made with the best ingredients and are free from harmful substances.

∘ Spirituality: Pure Dkhoon values spirituality, promoting the use of incense as a tool for meditation,
relaxation, and spiritual practice.

∘ Creativity: Pure Dkhoon values creativity, offering unique and innovative scents that set it apart
from its competitors.

∘ Authenticity: Pure Dkhoon values authenticity, ensuring that its products are genuine and ethically sourced.

∘ Transparency: Pure Dkhoon values transparency, providing clear and accurate information about its
products, practices, and policies.

∘ Diversity: Pure Dkhoon values diversity, embracing and celebrating differences in culture, background, and beliefs.


Our vision as a woman owned business is to be the leading provider of high-quality, sustainable Dkhoon incense products that inspire mindfulness, promote wellness, and connect people to the natural world. We strive to create a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for authentic, ethically sourced Dkhoon incense, and who value the benefits of meditation, relaxation, and spiritual practice in their daily lives.

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Having a good environment is vital for any activity that we carry out in our day, it could improve their quality of life and make them feel more comfortable and safe in their home or business.

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Your satisfaction is our priority, we strive to solve all your needs and offer excellent quality products, know what our customers say.

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